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Asset Protection Services & Planning

Plan your asset protection ahead of time and protect your hard-earned assets from unnecessary risks with dedicated IB Consult expert asset protection strategies.

Risk Management with IB Consult’s Asset Protection Services

IB Consult asset protection specialists will help identify the potential risks, create and plan the strategy, manage and mitigate the risks for the long-term financial health.

Global Asset Protection Services

International and offshore asset protection services brought to you by experienced attorneys and financial experts.

Local Asset Protection Services

IB Consult provides a wide range of asset protection services in North America for individual as well as national businesses.

Asset Protection Strategy

Comprehensive approach to planning your asset protection strategy, making sure that you are covered from every angle.

Global & Offshore Asset Protection Services

It is crucial to carefully analyze the jurisdiction before making strategic decisions for protecting your assets. The goal is to ensure that your assets are protected from various financial enemies and creditors and are not easily located regardless of the country you live in. The perfect plan is to keep your assets in such jusridiction, that is not required by law to share personal information and comply with the judgements of foreign courts.

Asset Protection Solutions You Can Count On

With years of experience working with individual clients, small businesses and large corporations, we have the resources, and the experts to guide you through every step of the asset protection journey: from in-depth evaluation and strategy development, to implentation and ongoing monitoring in the face of rapidly shifting legal aspects. Our solutions cover you from every angle: tax liability minimizing, asset protection trust, offshore asset protection services.

Do not wait for a lawsuit to be filed: start planning your asset protection today

Contact us for a free consultation to evaluate your vulnerabilities and come up with the most bullet-proof strategy that will not just protect your wealth, but help you avoid any lawsuits in the first place.

Asset protection is about preparing to fail to avoid failing in the future.

– IB Consult

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